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OBSERVAT I ONS IN THE ORIENT doubt if I ever saw any face quite so bad as that of the man, who at one point came close to my rickshaw and leered at me. His hair was long and matted, his face profusely smeared with coaldust, enough to make a Scranton miner coming out of the breaker look white in comparison. His eyes were villainously black, and Father La Croix, who would not let me give anything to professional beggars, finally threw a coin, explaining afterwards that this one was probably a bandit, one of many who take up this occupation and whom it is not well to refuse at night or in out-of-the-way places during the day. With Bishop De Vienne to Chengtingfu. When in Tientsin I had the good fortune to meet Bishop de Vienne of Chengtingfu who asked me to visit him on my way to Hankow. He had come north at the request of officials to arrange about the distribution of the flood relief money, and on his return from Tientsin he stayed at the Peitang. I decided to accompany him on Thursday morning to Chengtingfu. We left in Bishop Jarlin's "kerosene" and plodded to the station where we found Bishop De Vienne's Vicar-General, who had reserved a cabin in the second class. The Bishop spread a shawl that the seat might be cleaner. The Vicar-General stowed away innumerable bags and parcels, then lit his pipe, and we settled down for a five-hour ride, when suddenly an official announced that our car was not going and we must find room ahead. We gathered the scatterings and set out, laden, through the corridor, but every compartment seemed to be full. Then I suggested to the Bishop that as I had no hotel bills to pay in this big country I would gladly settle for the supplement and we would surely find a compartment in the first-class car just ahead. The Bishop is still young and very active. He looked at me aghast, and said that he had never traveled first-class in China and rarely second, so that he could not think of entering the first-class car. Then we found a Sister of Charity bound for Paotingfu and somewhat ill at ease in a compartment filled with the baggage of sleepy looking Chinamen, who themselves occupied seats THE WHITE CORNETTE IS NO STRANGER AT CHENGTINGFU

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