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以下是《the account of a journey to Catholic mission fields in Japan, Korea, Manchuria, China, Indo-China, and the Philippines by Walsh, James Anthony (1919),》书中与正定府有关的原文:

in China have more than they can do.* My visit to Peking continued from Sunday night to Thursday morning. While at the Peitang I inspected the printing establishment and the bindery — also a store on the grounds for the sale of cloisonne enamel work, which, as it is applied to ecclesiastical furnishings and is done by Christians, should also find patrons in the United States. The printing and bindery are under the direction of a Lazarist Brother. Before leaving Peking I went out to Chala, to see the novitiate of the Lazarists, also that of the Marist Brothers of whom I have already spoken and who conduct successfully in the city colleges for Europeans and for Chinese. The Lazarist novices were absent on an excursion but I met the Visitor and the Shanghai Procurator. Near the novitiate is the cemetery where the Lazarists of this vicariate are buried. Over the graves are huge blocks of cement and large tombstones — needlessly large, perhaps — indicating to the Chinese and to all who see them the regard which the followers of St. Vincent have for their apostolic brethren. As we were going to Chala that day two beggars followed our rickshaws for at least ten minutes. Both were half-naked,one a boy of fourteen, the other a full-grown man, and each had the upper part of his body covered with a potato sack. I The Sisters of Charity were later installed at this new hospital which I have learned since is not owned by the government, but by a private Chinese corporation. 123

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